There are many ways to go about exercising your dog.  Walking your dog is best because it’s good for the human as well as the dog! 

Oscar & Tilly Answer Questions About Walking Your Dog

We like walks in the fields behind our house, because once we are away from the road, Mommy and Daddy let us off the lead and we can run all we want.

What’s The Best Time to Walk your Dog?

Morning is the best because we don’t have to wait long to have our walk.  Otherwise, we have to watch for signs that we are going on a walk.  Tilly lies behind the sofa so she has a perfect view of the harnesses.  It’s much less stressful if we go first thing.

What About the Weather?

It’s funny how we don’t like to be outside in the rain when we are in our garden, but when we go for a walk, we don’t mind the rain at all!  We don’t get cold in the snow either…unless you make us go into our garden.  Oscar wears a warm coat when it is cooler outside because Mommy and Daddy say older dogs should be kept warmer.

What About Mud?

Mud doesn’t bother us.  We will usually run around thick, wet mud, but when it’s all over the field, we just romp and forget about it.  Back at the house, Mommy cleans up our bellies and legs with dog wipes.  We clean our paws.  Mommy cleans the carpet.  She says her carpet cleaner is one of the best investments she’s ever made.  We don’t know what the big deal is.


I have a particular style.  I like to get on a nice trot, head low so i can pick up scents.  Sometimes, I stop and sniff a bush or chew some grass. 

Walking your dog article
Oscar on the trail of a scent.

I don’t know why it happens, but when I see a bird, I go all stiff and I can’t move.  I find myself staring at it and my right front leg goes up and back.  My tail gets all straight.  I’ve tried to overcome it, but there seems to be nothing I can do to stop myself.  It’s a good thing birds don’t attack.  I’d be in big trouble!

Sometimes, when I pick up a strong scent, I forget where I am and then Mommy and Daddy start hollering for me.  I can hear them sometimes, depending on the direction of the wind.  I never mean to ignore them, it’s just that sometimes it’s like my ears stop hearing and everything goes to my nose!  It takes a bit of hollering for my ears to start working again.


I get excited before Mommy and Daddy put on my harness.  The MOMENT they rattle our harnesses or start to put on their jackets, I KNOW we are going for a walk and I begin to squeal and turn in circles.  I just can’t seem to stop myself.  Mommy will often say shhhhhh, but that doesn’t help me.  I just get more excited.

Happy to be loose in the field.

Mommy doesn’t walk fast enough.  She says I should have been a sled dog.*  I don’t mean to make her run.  I just am so excited that I can’t help pulling.  I’m in a hurry to get to the field so I can get off the lead!  I also pull sometimes when I see squirrels….or other dogs.  I also love to chase rabbits and hares! 

Sometimes, I find stuff in bushes and I bark to see if I can get them to come out.  Most of the time they stay put.  Mommy and Daddy say I have big fuzzy ears.  I can hear a mouse a long way away under snow or thick field grass. Compared to me, Oscar, Mommy and Daddy are practically deaf.

* I think Mommy should buy skates.



Nap time after our walk.
Nap time after our walk.

Yes, we love our walks and we love coming home to our warm house and napping after our walk.  Humans consider walking your dog on a regular basis.  It’s good exercise for your AND your furry friend.

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Walking Your Dog: Exercising Your Dog
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2 thoughts on “Walking Your Dog: Exercising Your Dog

  • 16th January 2017 at 8:53 pm

    I love walks too especially on the beach. I can go in the sea or play with buddies who go there too or i’m quite happy just sniffing seaweed and stuff,there was a stinky old sheep’s carcass and mum kept shouting me to leave,i’d only just got there and I pretended I couldn’t hear her (I was loving all the big smells ,my buddy alf liked it too! When we finished ,and mum had a red face from running over too fast,we went in for a swim! I think mum worries cos I ate some white fat on the beach once and she picked me up and took me to the vets who gave me a ‘treat’ which made me really sick! she was happy after a while though cos I was ok. Walks are the best,and she smiles too. Except sometimes i have to sit down again when we’re almost ready to leave and she does something else like go back in to switch a light off for goodness sake! See ya Os and Till-I’ve found a place where someone throws food stuff over their wall onto beach below-I’m gonna get there before her one day… can help!

    • 19th January 2017 at 12:09 pm

      That sounds great Maxie! Lead the way!!! 🙂


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