When it comes to dog food, there are big advantages to having more than one owner!


Each morning, Mommy comes downstairs and we each get 2 cups of dry kibbles.  Mommy also mixes in a little canned food to add a little more flavour to our food.  She’s good to us that way.  Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy will even buy frozen raw food.  Tilly loves Rabbit the best.  I’m more a poultry kind of guy.

The great thing about having more than one owner (the more the better) is that if you eat quickly enough, one of the other owners won’t know you’ve been fed.  I’m expert at the scarf.

The best way to get additional food is to wait until the owner who fed us is in the shower or has left the house.  Then you start pacing around the remaining human/s giving them a hungry look of expectation. 

Dog food: 7 hours
This look has taken me years to perfect.

Done correctly, they’ll believe you haven’t had breakfast and you’ll get a second helping.


Tilly can make second helpings difficult to pull off in our house.  Firstly, she’s a slow eater and secondly, she likes to tease me with her food.  She guards it so I can’t get to it.  If your other human/s see her food, chances are you’re not going to get extra.

Dog food: Tilly guarding her food
Tilly guarding her food.


Opportunity.  There’s a possibility of opportunity.  Second bowl equals second helping.  The trick is to distract Tilly.  If I get even a brief 15 seconds, I can completely scarf whatever food remains in her bowl before anyone notices. 


Thankfully, she’s a finicky eater.


When it’s just about time for our dinner, we work together.  The double stare is a strong signal that we are ready to eat.

Dog food: The double stare
The double stare

Tilly usually holds off eating her bit bits because she always hopes to get Mommy and Daddy’s food. 

It’s only if Mommy and Daddy don’t save her any, that she will start to eat her kibbles. Some human foods are bad for us, so Mommy and Daddy will not share.

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So while Tilly is waiting, I take the opportunity to eat her dog food, because she isn’t attending her bowl behind the sofa.

Dog Food - Oscar scarfing Tilly's food
World Record Holder fastest scarfer at 14.9 seconds.

This opportunist feeding doesn’t always work.  It depends on how aware Mommy and Daddy are of me sneaking behind the sofa where Tilly likes to lay.  If they notice me, they will stop me.  It’s best if they are watching something interesting on television while they are eating.

Dog food: TV Trays
TV trays are a fantastic invention for dogs depending on human distraction. Available on Amazon.

Scarfing Tilly’s dinner is less likely to work if I managed to eat her breakfast.  She becomes even more determined to eat her dinner.

Tilly eating her food while Oscar watches.
Tilly eating her dinner in front of me. Pure torture.



Don’t expect second helpings when you are at Dog Camps (kennels) or even when you have an in-home pet sitter.  Like it or not, you’re going on a diet. 

Kennels employ professional feeders.  They feed at a certain time and they even weigh your dog food!  What a nuisance!  No chance of extra helpings there!

Pet sitters usually follow a schedule that Mommy and Daddy stick on the fridge.  They are much more careful to monitor because Mommy and Daddy always warn them about my appetite.

Dog food: greedy dog writes
Making necessary changes.


It’s generally better to have more than one owner, (try to get an extra human or two if you can).  It’s also better if there is more than one dog in the house, but only if you’re a professional scarfer and the other dog has a normal appetite!

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Dog Food: The Advantage of Having More than One Owner

One thought on “Dog Food: The Advantage of Having More than One Owner

  • 30th March 2017 at 8:30 am

    I don’t have problems with anyone half -inching my food as it’s only me that mum has to feed 🐶 I get 1 handful of kibble a.m & p.m and treats during the day (never enough I have to say) & I get double treats if we go to the places where mum drinks tea during our walks. When she goes to counter to order, staff give me a dog biscuit (or two if I pleady eye stare) then when she comes back I get another treat! 🐶🐶


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