I’m Oscar (the handsome brown fellow) and my sister is Tilly (the pretty and feisty red gal). 

The Dog Yeller - Oscar Tilly
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We believe that humans don’t talk enough about topics of real interest to us dogs.  Tilly and I took a random poll at the dog park this week and most of our friends wanted their humans to understand a dog’s perspective on topics like:


  • Scarfing food
  • Random barking frenzies
  • Defending the pack
  • Why we roll
  • Bringing up grass and other things recently ate
  • Acting ferocious
  • Sniffing: testing fragrances
This sampling amounts to a pretty big information gap, which we intend to fill.


To all our dog subscribers, we hope you have a howl of a good time and benefit from the useful information we will be providing on how to train your humans.  Whenever we are able, we will drop in convenient links for humans – to helpful information or products we cover.
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Oscar and Tilly